Jonathan Lindvall on the Women’s Suffrage Movement

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By R.L. Stollar, HA Community Coordinator

Jonathan Lindvall is the president of Bold Christian Living. He has spoken at many homeschooling conferences and organized “Bold Christian Youth Seminars” as well as “Bold Parenting Seminars.” He also presented “New Testament House Church Seminars” in the U.S. and beyond.

I remember Lindvall from the homeschool teen track at a CHEA homeschool conference in California. Lindvall and Reb Bradley taught the teens about “godly” relationships — Bradley emphasizing courtship, Lindvall emphasizing betrothal. I distinctly remember Bradley making fun of Lindvall for “being extreme.” Which Lindvall would actually consider a badge of honor. According to Vyckie Garrison, who years ago also attended one of his “Bold Christian Living” conferences, Lindvall teaches that Jesus finds balanced people “repulsive.” “Don’t shy away from extremism,” Lindvall admonished.

Bill Gothard of IBLP/ATI directly inspired Jonathan Lindvall’s relationship views. Lindvall is an unabashed proponent of “sheltering” your children to the point of being called an “isolationist” by fellow Christians. And most disturbingly, Lindvall holds up an example of a 26-year-old man pursuing a 13-year-old girl as “a true romantic betrothal example.” (Libby Anne has a good summary of Lindvall and child marriage.)

I recently came across a quotation from Lindvall on No Longer Quivering suggesting young women should be “shielded” from jury duty and that women should not vote. I was pretty shocked to read this. I was not shocked that a leader in the Christian homeschool movement would express this, mind you. I am just shocked at how unapologetic and fervent Lindvall is in his dismissal of the women’s suffrage movement.

Here is what Lindvall said:

I obviously share your conclusion that young women serving on a jury is a very vulnerable, potentially damaging experience we should be able to shield them from. Let me share some thoughts of how we can protect our daughters from this particular emotional/mental threat.

You noted that “never allowing her to become a registered voter” is something you have learned the hard way. This is definitely one of the ways we express our “individuality” in our culture. Early in the republic’s history, only heads of households voted. Sadly, today even in very conservative households most of us have embraced the philosophic underpinnings of the women’s suffrage movement. Of course women should vote! Therefore even Christian couples occasionally “split” their vote, canceling one another’s vote.

But since women are allowed to vote in our society, doesn’t this mean Christians must compromise with the cultural mores and have our wives vote, so we can double our impact? This assumes that God NEEDS our help in appointing His choice of leaders (Romans 13:1 makes it clear that all “authorities that exist are appointed by God”). Especially if registering to vote creates greater vulnerability for our families, perhaps we should rethink this question.

3 thoughts on “Jonathan Lindvall on the Women’s Suffrage Movement

  1. Newsgirl29 December 3, 2013 / 10:39 am

    He wants to set the world back, and forget that Christianity gave women freedom, from pagan life where we thought only as baby makers and cattle, that could be bought and sold like a track of land. Christianity truly teaches that women and men are equals in the sight of God, with minds and the gift of free will. Lindvall wants to bring back a way of life that has not been seen since the Roman Empire.


  2. Katia December 3, 2013 / 11:54 am

    In my county, men would not be able to vote were in not for women. Women have run the county election board for years and at least 75% of pollworkers are women And guess what? For the most part elections are well run and go without a hitch even when there’s been recounts. My county stands as proof that women are not only capable of voting, but running elections in an orderly, ethical manner.


  3. fiddlrts December 3, 2013 / 1:24 pm

    This is nothing new for those in the Patriarchy Movement, which is directly descended from Christian Reconstructionism.

    Doug Phillips (yes, that Doug Phillips) wrote an ode (and an entire book) in praise of Confederate chaplain Robert Lewis Dabney. Here is the poem:

    We must remember Thornwell, Palmer, Girardeau —
    All Southern men who preached with power, unity, and flow;
    But when it comes to logic pure there’s one that tops our list:
    Hail Dabney, prophet of the South, our great apologist.

    Geneva had its Calvin, Rome its Augustine,
    England had is Cromwell to fight the libertine;
    But in our land there was but one who dared to turn the tide
    Of reconstructionistic zeal and yankeedom’s foul pride.

    The feminist, the plutocrat, the wiley carpetbagger,
    The Darwinist, the bureaucrat, and transcendental braggart;
    The scalawag, the suffragette, the surly Statist simp
    Were by your pen defrocked, exposed, and wounded, left to limp.

    The solomonic wisdom from your pugilistic pen
    Has rendered impotent the creeds of far less noble men;
    And with a keen, perceptive flair that exceeds Nostradamus,
    Your prophesies have proven wrong each foolish doubting Thomas.

    You make us leave our comfort zone and re-engage the battle,
    Content no more to tolerate the sophomoric prattle
    Of Socialists, Republicrats, and those who compromise;
    No longer may we coddle them or listen to their lies.

    And so with joy we doff our hats and shout from every mouth:
    Hail Dabney, wise apologist, defender of the South!

    So yes, these guys have a REAL problem with those evildoers:
    The suffragettes.


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