When Homeschoolers Turn Violent: Couty Alexander

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Series note: “When Homeschoolers Turn Violent” is a joint research project by Homeschoolers Anonymous and Homeschooling’s Invisible Children. Please see the Introduction for detailed information about the purpose and scope of the project.

Trigger warning: If you experience triggers from descriptions of physical and sexual violence, please know that the details in many of the cases are disturbing and graphic.


Couty Alexander

In 2008, Couty Alexander, a 23-year-old emergency medical technician, murdered his pregnant 24-year-old wife, Christa. They had been married for 4 months and Christa was 12 weeks pregnant.

In 2008, Couty Alexander, a 23-year-old emergency medical technician, murdered Christa, his 24-year-old pregnant wife.
In 2008, Couty Alexander, a 23-year-old emergency medical technician, murdered Christa, his 24-year-old pregnant wife.

It was the afternoon of June 28, 2008. Couty and Christa were alone in their home in Livingston Parish, Louisiana. Couty was allegedly taking his 9 mm pistol to work “because he was looking for a buyer.” As he prepared to leave, Couty said the gun “brushed against her head” and he was “aware of pulling the trigger.” Christa had simply been “attempting to gather some clothing from her closet.”

Couty had been homeschooled as a child. He had enjoyed mission trips and conducting Vacation Bible Schools. He and Christa had a strict courtship — they avoided all physical contact and were always supervised. Upon marrying, Christa became pregnant almost immediately because they did not believe in birth control. Couty allegedly had a “good reputation in the community, in his church, and among co-workers.” He also “owned many guns” and “fired guns often.” 

Both before and after his marriage to Christa, Couty had a relationship with another woman, his co-worker Allison Sharp. Couty and Allison’s relationship involved “kissing and holding hands” and they had “once spent the night together.”  It has been alleged that Christa had found out about the affair and was — at the time of the murder — “packing to leave him.”

Couty was charged in 2009 with second-degree murder and pleaded guilty to manslaughter, obstruction of justice, and first-degree feticide for the baby his wife was carrying at the time. He is serving a 55-year prison sentence.

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4 thoughts on “When Homeschoolers Turn Violent: Couty Alexander

  1. Marsha March 6, 2014 / 7:18 pm

    A woman is most at risk of being murdered by her husband or boyfriend when she is pregnant.


    • Headless Unicorn Guy March 10, 2014 / 1:24 pm

      Any idea why that is?


  2. True Edge March 4, 2016 / 7:24 pm

    Okay. It was Livingston, Louisiana. Not South Carolina. You are right in most of your details, and this article is very fair. It’s not just a home school or conservative bashing article. I respect that. You strive for the truth. But you’re way off on the location, and you seem to have access to the court documents. I’m not sure how you missed it. You’re not even in the right part of the country. It’s the deep south, not the Atlantic seaboard.


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