WORLD Magazine to Join GHC’s Troubled Group of Fiscal Sponsors

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By R.L. Stollar, HA Community Coordinator

In an email announcement sent out today, Brennan Dean’s Great Homeschool Conventions (GHC) company announced that WORLD News Group (publishers of WORLD Magazine) will be sponsoring “Grand Finale Events at 2015 Conventions​.” GHC also added a page on their website that confirms that, “Great Homeschool Conventions is proud to introduce the WORLD News Group as a Presenting Sponsor of The Grand Finale Events of the 2015 Conventions.”

WORLD joins a group of 3 other fiscal sponsors, 2 of which — the Old Schoolhouse and the National Center for Life and Liberty — are alleged to have participated in the covering up of physical and sexual abuse of children.

The Old Schoolhouse’s owners, Paul and Gena Suarez, have been accused of horrific physical abuse of their children, including waterboarding and beatings. And the founder of the National Center for Life and Liberty, David Gibbs III, has been accused of using strong-arm mediation tactics to keep the Suarezes’ relatives from going public about alleged sexual abuse within the family. Brennan Dean and GHC are also accused of being involved by allegedly blocking homeschool speaker Jenefer Igarashi from a convention because of her attempts to make the cover-up public. You can read about those allegations here.

WORLD has made a point as of late to cover abuse within Christian communities, including cases like Bob Jones University, Doug Phillips, and Bill Gothard. It is disappointing, therefore, that WORLD would throw financial support behind GHC while they and their sponsors continue to remain silent about the allegations of their own abuse cover-up.

2 thoughts on “WORLD Magazine to Join GHC’s Troubled Group of Fiscal Sponsors

  1. Sheldon October 13, 2014 / 5:16 pm

    So GHC’s involvement in sexual abuse cover ups is probably why they didn’t want HARO in their last convention?


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