An Open Letter to My Siblings (And Other Kids Like Us): Summer’s Thoughts


HA note: Summer shared this open letter with us and said, “I wrote this open letter to my siblings, and other kids like us, months ago but when I saw your posting for your series on siblings, I felt it was applicable. I hope to write more on the subject, as my siblings are a place of great hope for me.”

To my siblings and the kids like us:

Well done, you brave soul.

You have warred your entire life and you’re still here. No one could have blamed you for giving up, I know I have thought about it many times. We have warred against our parents, against each other, and against ourselves.

You were ignored at an early point. Disappointed at every corner and torn down whenever things looked positive. Lord knows high school was hell as you realized that this isn’t how home is supposed to feel. And the day you realized there was nothing in childhood to feel nostalgic for burned.

Where did we find the courage to keep looking forward?

We are the bravest people I know. As adults we’ve all become different people, not the same kids I argued with for years. We may not see eye-to-eye on much but we are all successful in our own ways. And we are here. And we’re still moving forward.

That is something to be acknowledged.

So. To the only people who share my demons and understand my scars, well done. 

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