Introducing: The HA Editorial Team!

By Nicholas Ducote, HARO Community Director

As HA begins its third year, we will be introducing some new staff members to accommodate the outpouring of submissions, breaking news, investigative reports, and monthly series. Simply put, Ryan and I cannot keep up! Fear not, this is a good problem! But we ask that you bear with us as we transition with our new editorial team and introduce some changes to the blog’s user interface. Our blog will remain a volunteer effort, which necessitates a team to keep up with demands of social media, editing, blogging, and community coordinating.

The HA blog has brought us together – people isolated and seemingly alone in their experiences, suddenly introduced to our shared and diverse memories, experiences, pain, and joy. Editing stories and communicating with bloggers naturally connects HA with an ever-growing network of people.

Our editorial team will be dedicated to a common goal with specific areas of expertise. Ryan and I will continue to be active with the community and blog, but most of you will interact with our editorial staff on a daily basis. You will see some new names authoring posts and commenting on WordPress. I cannot speak more highly for these people and I constantly learn things from them. You can read more about them below in their respective bios.

To clarify some of the organizational distinctions, Ryan and I (Nicholas Ducote) will continue to oversee the Homeschoolers Anonymous blog. Ryan and Nick are also board members of Homeschool Alumni Reaching Out, with Lauren Dueck, Andrew Roblyer, and Shaney Lee. The HA Editorial team will refer any organizational questions, media requests, and official inquiries to Ryan, Nick, and the HARO board.

The editorial team will use the email:

Homeschoolers Anonymous Editorial Team

Social Media: Michele Hop-Ganev and Bonnie Mulholland

Editors and Community Coordinators: Darcy Anne, Wende Webb Benner, Giselle Palmer, Eleanor Skelton

See our Staff page to read their bios.

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