Wisdom Booklet Archive Index

Nicholas Ducote, HARO Community Director

Starting in May, I began uploading my collection of ATI’s Wisdom Booklet homeschooling curriculum to our website. I will add links here as they go up. These versions are NOT intended for educational use, but for journalists and researchers who want to investigate the teachings of ATI in primary sources. Any interested parties are highly encouraged to read through our Inside ATI series and the growing collection of information on Recovering Grace.

Please let me know if you would like to see a specific volume – scanning them page-by-page is a time consuming and tedious process, so it will take months to put all 50+ volumes and parent guides online. The galleries can be difficult to read, so I’ve included compressed PDF versions as well. If you would like full-res versions of the PDFs (usually around 70 MB), email us at HomeschoolersAnonymous@gmail[dot]com.

  • Discerning God’s Will in Every Decision and Appendix on the Place of Old Testament Law in the Life of New Testament Believers (pamphlet included with Wisdom Booklet package) [PDF]
  • Wisdom Booklet #1 [PDF]
  • Wisdom Booklet #2 [PDF]
  • Wisdom Booklet #2, Parent Guide Planner [PDF]
  • Wisdom Booklet #3 [PDF]
  • Wisdom Booklet #4 [PDF]

One thought on “Wisdom Booklet Archive Index

  1. RandomVisitor June 12, 2015 / 2:27 am

    Excellent initiative! The abuses of Scientology, and its downfall, started when its teaching material started becoming public. Therefore, making these ATI booklets publicly available is the best way to draw people’s attention.
    Just be careful not to get sued over copyright infringement….I’d suggest you ask a computer-savvy friend on how to proceed in order to protect your anonymity online.

    It’d be helpful if you can upload the “more advanced” ones, even though I realize it’s quite a bit of work to scan it all.
    I’m sorry I’m not a journalist, merely a random visitor who got interested in the potential abuses of some home-schooling practices.

    Good luck to you!


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