Our Top 21 Most Viewed Posts of 2016

By Wende Benner, HA Editorial Staff

As 2016 comes to a close, we want to look back and remember the 21 posts that received the most attention on H.A. this year. So here they are, our top 21 most viewed posts of 2016!

21. Bill Gothard Threatens Recovering Grace with a $1,00.,000 Lawsuit — 4,671 views

20. “The Golden Compass” and the Breaking of Children’s Wills — 4,780 views

19. Amended Lawsuit Against Bill Gothard: Text — 4,860 views

18. James and Lisa Pennington Respond to Identification Abuse Claims — 4,940 views

17. The Fixer — 5,111 views

16. A Brief Word of Caution Regarding Joe and Nicole Naugler, The “Off-Grid” Homeschooling Family — 5,135 views

15. Why This Simone Biles Homeschool Success Meme is Disrespectful to Homeschool Alumni (and Simone Biles) — 5,223 Views

14. The Child as Viper: How Voddie Baucham’s Theology of Children Promotes Abuse — 5,252 views

13. A Former Off-Grid, Homeschooled Child’s Thoughts on the Naugler Family — 5,670 views

12. No Unbelievers Allowed: How Homeschooling Became a Christians-Only Club — 6,481 views

11. 50 Shades of Grey or Contemporary Christian Music Lyrics? A Quiz — 7,641 views

10. 6 Things You Should Know About Voddie Baucham — 8,781 views

9. Hurts Me More Than You: Deborah and Janet’s Stories — 9,490 views

8. Blanket Training is About Adults, Not Children — 9,698 views

7. Gothard’s ATI and the Duggar Family’s Secrets — 10,485 views

6. A Story about My Mom and Panties: Fidget’s Story — 11,850 views

5. Gothard Explains Why God Allows Child Molestation: Part I — 11,955 views

4. Get Them Married: Selling Virgin Daughters — 12,576 views

3. Christian Homeschool Dads Lust After 17-Year-Old Girl, Get Her Kicked Out of Prom — 15,129 views

2. I Can’t Tell My Story Without a Trigger Warning-Elizabeth’s Story — 24,311 views

And the most viewed H.A. post of 2016 was…

1. Hurts Me More Than You: The Story of Five Sisters — 43,351 views

Happy New Year and thanks to everyone for supporting H.A. in 2016! We look forward to continuing our work in 2017.

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